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Tourism Skilling & Internship Opportunities

We provide tourism skilling opportunities to University students to equip them with practical skills to enable them get the basics needed to apply for a job in the tourism industry or skills and knowledge to start their tourism businesses ...readmore

Skilling a Girl Child

In the Tourism Industry, Girls are not favored at all by the nature of jobs like tour guiding. But rather we are equipping them with skills an knowledge to enjoy tourism as they can do better in office operations.read more

Empowering the Youth

Youth Empowerment, we have trained mostly University students and fresh graduates from University as we have equipped them with skills and knowledge for employment world and great Entrepreneurs in the tourism industry

Entrepreneurship Skills

The overall goal of the project is to help young people fully realize their potential in economic and social dimensions as well, by mapping the ways to encourage and assist them to be entrepreneurs, and socially responsible persons.

Why skilling?

Unemployment has become a global challenge. The situation gets worseby the day especially in Africa and particularly in Ugandawhere the available jobs are far below the number of graduates......read more

Who needs training?

Our skilling programme targets students pursuing tourism and hospitality related programs atthe institutions of higher learning,tourism and hospitality graduates as well as tourism practitioners ....read more

What we have done so far

o start with, we have recruited and trained several internship students from various institutions of higher learning in Uganda in the last 5years. Through this training, we have observed......read more

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